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Eighth Doctor Love

He rescues begonias, he makes dreams come true... is there anything he can't do?

Fans (& Obsessees) of the Eighth Doctor
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The Eighth Doctor from Doctor Who, played by Paul McGann
Finally... a community for all lovers of Doctor Number Eight, be it from the TV movie, the books, the comics, or the audio series!

Post discussion, post squee, post icons, post art of any type, post fanfic, post picspam, post links, post whatever... as long as it's related to the Eighth Doctor.

Just a few rules.
1.) Don't be a jerk. This one is the most important and should go without saying. It covers a lot of bases. If I have to elaborate more later, I will.

1.5) Being a jerk about "The Eighth Doctor isn't canon!!!1!!1! U SUX LOLOLOLOL" is considered being a jerk. The same for "The Doctor isn't half-human!!!1!1! U SUX LOLOLOLOL". If you don't like him, fine. You don't have to be here. (If the community wants to have a mature, non-trolly, non-flamey discussion about either of these points, that's fine, though.)

1.75) This rule still applies to any RP characters you see fit to have comment on our posts. If they can't be nice to other people, whether characters or "real" people, then they will suffer the consequences just like a non-RP commenter.

2.) Naughty or "adult" posts are more than welcome here. Slash, het, whatever your shipping, it's all good. Some of us like our Doctor with a side of romance or sex. That's just fine. But please, put that kind of content behind an LJ cut. And tell us in the cut what kind of content we're going to see inside. (example. "Doctor/Grace, photomanip, NC-17/X." or "Eight/Ten, fic, Teen")

2.5) Having said that, non-sexual, "family-friendly" discussion is also more than welcome here. Some like their Doctor w/o a side of sex, and that's just fine, too. There's enough room here for all of us.

3.) Big pics or long posts should go in LJ cuts, too. Save a friends list, use an lj-cut. Or something like that.

4.) Please stay on topic. If you want to talk about just K-9 or Romana or Rose or any of that, and the Eighth Doctor isn't involved, there's lots of other wonderful communities for that. (If the discussion strays to companions of Eight, that's ok, I guess. There isn't a comm for Eight's companions.)

5.) Please tag your post. And when you tag it, look through the tags that already exist and if any of them apply, please use them instead of coming up with a new one. This makes searching easy.

Ok, I think that's more than enough rules. Remember, we're all here to have fun and squee over the Eighth Doctor.


The Eighth Doctor is pretty, possibly half-human, amnesiac, Byron-esque, making-your-dreams-come-true-tonight, begonia-rescuing, voice-like-velvet, hyperactive Time Lord Love.

(color bar by yaseanne)

Note: This community is centered around the Eighth Doctor. If you would like a community that's centered around Paul McGann, eight_love's the community for you.

(Oh, and if you need to reach a mod, for whatever reason, c4bl3fl4m3 is your current overlord moderator. The email address on her info page is valid.)