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Fic: The Time War Chapter 2- Closure

He stepped into the grey room and saw Siy, stood facing him. He was humanoid and yet the scars of the mutation had already done their work, his skin hue was emerald and rough, like reptilian skin, he was covered in green and brown freckles that were bloated over his face and arms. He would never be human again.

"Siy?" Gallanar dared, with an over earnest fondness that bordered on relief.

"Yes," he croaked in reply, without any trace of feeling. "I was Siy."

It was strange seeing him so calm, with such a clear sense of purpose. Poor Siy Tarkov. A man who'd suffered the worst string of bad luck imaginable. The death of his wife with the daughter he never knew. Suffering the plague, being tricked and manipulated by Elaria, and no-one listening to his desperate warnings of the coming Dalek invasion. And now this. Reborn in his worst nightmares, as a Dalek.

There were times in their journey to Veleyshaa when he and Siy Tarkov had spent months together, becoming friends that Siy seemed to calm down. Talking to him seemed to bring about a catharsis. A hope. To know there was another good soul out there who wouldn't dismiss him or lie to him. Things always became serene between them, and Siy seemed to get stronger. But he knew deep down that Siy would be a long time getting over everything and becoming at peace.

But if the Daleks had really mutated Siy, then he wouldn't care about that. Gallanar had to remember that this wasn't the friend he knew. Of course he knew that. He could always have clicked with Siy. They could never have nothing to say when around each other. And yet here he was, unable to say anything. There was no soul in Siy to connect with. He knew that instinctively.

Gallanar dared a question. "What do you remember of yourself?"

Siy looked at him, there was something void and spooky about the way he stared at him. "You are trying to appeal to my humanity. You want your friend back. This is friendship, this is love and connection. You can't let go. It cripples you. You are a pathetic species" he spat with a sneering grin.

Gallanar felt his jaw throbbing. Like he felt when Elaria tested him. He closed his eyes and tried not to lose his temper. "Siy, do you remember Alyssia? Your wife?"

Siy's reply was sharp, and Gallanar almost detected the edge of a Dalek rasp in it "Yes. She was irrelevant."

Gallanar shook his head. He urged "She was your life, Siy! Remember? You loved her. Don't you ever think of her?"

"She was inferior. All inferior life will perish under-"

Gallanar interrupted and urged again, moving closer "Don't you ever think of her?" If he couldn't reach him this way, he could never reach him.

Siy paused a moment, his eyes suggested he was considering it. "I... sometimes dream of Alyssia."

Perhaps now he was getting somewhere. "What kind of dreams? What happens in these dreams."

Siy retorted curtly "They do not matter. Dreams have no logic. They are a waste of mental energy."

Gallanar urged "It's important Siy. It's our dreams that make us human, that define our soul. Please just tell me what you see in these dreams."

Siy considered it a moment and then seeing no reason not to, he explained. "In my dreams, Alyssia is crying and screaming. I am inside the protective bubble and she is banging her hands, trying to get through to me. And the bubble transforms into metal, and I see myself inside a Dalek casing. And she still bangs on the metal, and I ignore her. And then she touches the casing again, and this time she catches fire. A fire spreads from her hand through to her body, she bursts into flames. And I watch her burning, and I hear a baby crying. Crying inside her, and I realise she is pregnant, and the baby is Amur, my daughter."

Gallanar took a breath, "And how does that make you feel?"

"I feel nothing" he spat. "I feel nothing as I dream it, I feel nothing when I awaken. The emotional hysteria of Alyssia simply irritates me as I dream. It represents the stupidity of humans."

This was looking hopeless. "But don't you remember how it felt to feel that way? When you learned Alyssia was dead?"

"I remember I felt an instinct to take my own life. Humans seem to know deep down, beneath it all that they are inferior, that their lives are meaningless. Why else would they want to kill themselves? Why else would they dare to defy the Daleks unless they knew their lives had no value?"

"No Siy! That isn't all there is to being human. Don't you remember how when we were friends, it helped you back from the brink? You didn't want to kill yourself because through our friendship we had hope. We were two troubled men, discussing the Dalek war and reasurring each other in our difficult moral choices ahead."

"Two men!" Siy remarked unexpectedly. "Discussing the Dalek war, and difficult moral choices. I remember" he said in a moment of realisation.

Gallanar smiled, maybe there was still hope. "You remember, Siy. Remember every time you thanked me for making you tell me your story so you wouldn't be miserable, I'd joke that I was the one who had to listen to it?"

"Two men! Kalendorf and the Doctor. I remember. Siy experienced this."

Gallanar took a step to him, his eyes blinking in curiosity "A Doctor? You mean you dreamed of the plague?"

"No! Siy remembered this through Kalendorf's thoughts. He met the Doctor. The two greatest enemies of the Daleks met, on Spiridon, and then met again on Veleyshaa, after the great catastrophe. They were discussing if the war was over. They thought it was. But they were wrong."

"Who is the Doctor?"

Siy bit the corners of his lip with hatred "He is a terrorist, a time traveller from Gallifrey, the man who has killed millions of Daleks. The bringer of darkness. He will be exterminated!!! As will all the Time Lords, all those pathetic lifeforms he protects will be exterminated!"

Gallanar couldnt control his outburst. "Siy, stop this! Stop this! You are not a Dalek."

Siy replied furiously "I am a Dalek!"

He outstretched his arms, gesturing, and pleading with them "Not completely, not yet, you still look human."

"This disgusting form I will soon be free of. I will morph into the perfect lifeform."

Gallanar closed his eyes. "How can you hate what you were Siy? You were a good man. A good friend. You inspired us to risk everything to warn the galactic union. There must be still a part of you that is still Siy. I know there is. And I know that he's within you, screaming to be heard, screaming to be put out of his misery."

Siy replied with a dismissive coldness that was infuriating. "Your belief is mistaken."

"Okay then if you're so sure you're right, then tell me. What was the last moment when Siy was still who he was, and what was he thinking?"

Siy smirked again "Why do you humans crave the grief of losing loved ones, of reopening old wounds?"

"We don't, we just need closure. Now answer me."

Siy paused a moment. "I remember Siy's last moments. His last thoughts. He was in agony. He felt so sick with the transformation, his head throbbed so relentlessly that his thoughts became repetitive. Old melodies played in his head till they tormented him, and so did his worst fears. He wanted to kill himself but he couldn't. And do you really want to know why?"

Gallanar closed his eyes, blinking back tears. "I must know."

"And yet what I tell you will change nothing. Siy is still gone, and you can't let go. You feel the dysfunctional emotional torment that you would not feel if you became a Dalek!"

"Tell me!" Gallanar roared.

Siy grinned at him smugly. "He became irrational. He believed he was cursed. In the last year of his life as a human, misfortune and tragedy had seemed to follow him like a bad karma. The plague, the death of his wife and child, and his transformation into a Dalek."

"Yes, he suffered a lot."

"He even believed he had cursed the Graxis Wardens mission to Veleyshaa simply by being on board. And that is what wouldn't let him kill himself. He believed that even if he died, that curse would follow him to heaven or hell. And he believed that what he had become would ensure that he would go to hell."

Gallanar felt like hed been physically struck. He steadied himself on the far wall.

Siy continued, his voice dripping with contempt. "But why do humans believe such superstitious nonsense, about curses, and fate, their position in the astral plane, and life after death? There is no logic in it. Simply a way for humans to fool themselves into believing their lives matter, or that their misfortune isn't what they deserve. Siy believed he must have been cursed because he suffered and lost to the Daleks. But he couldn't face the real reason- he lost to us, and he couldn't escape us because it was inevitable, because we are superior!"

Gallanar waited a moment, defeated and hopeless before he came to realisation and delivered his promise. "There is still one hope for him. I can still set him free."

And with that Gallanar vanished.

The Dalek guard at the door swivelled its eyestalk in bemusement, quickly trying to change its visual scan to infra red. But it was too late as the Dalek screamed as its gun stick was pulled out of its socket. Quickly the gun spun round in the air, carried by invisible hands till the barrel faced the Dalek. With a blast, the Dalek was propelled backwards, it exploded, screaming and smoking.

Siy moved quickly. Pressing the amber button at the bottom on his bed.

Gallanar reshaped into visibility. "Goodbye Siy!" he said, aiming the gun. But when he fired, it simply hit a protective forcefield that Siy was behind, bathing the room in an amber glow. The determination overtook him and he fired again, with the same effect.

The screen came alive in the corner, on Siy's side. It was the Dalek supreme. She spoke to him.

"You have proved the value of friendship. Siy was your friend, yet you tried to kill him, out of mercy. Friendship divides you, turns you against one another. Makes you behave irrationally. Friendship is of no value to the Daleks. And you have outlived your usefulness. You will now be exterminated."

There was one possibility left. Gallanar blasted at the door control leaving sparks and a smoking scorch in the wall, then fired against the far wall, scorching it. Maybe if he could puncture the hull, then this creature that was once Siy would asphyxiate in its forcefield, with no way for the Daleks to save him. He fired again, this time leaving a red glow.

The doors exploded open. The outline of a Dalek moved through the smoke, it's eyestalk like a lighthouse beam in the fog. It was looking right at him.


Gallanar turned round and fired with an impossibly precise aim for a target he had just glanced at. The Dalek burst into flames. Another followed behind, pushing aside its comrade with its plunger, and Gallanar fired again, another direct hit. He knew he was doomed, but he felt exhilaration, wondering how many Daleks he would take with him.

"Exterminate! Exterminate!"

Gallanar willed himself into invisibility again. He ducked down, rolled himself into a ball and threw himself across the floor, firing his Dalek gun blind. Getting five shots, he heard many more being shot past him, one of the volley of bolts flew right by his neck, hitting the wall behind him, showering him with sparks.

He was useless in this position so he pushed his feet up, throwing his weight backwards and then bent forward. As soon as he was uprigfht, he fired ahead at the four Daleks at the door. He hit one and shot it a second time, blowing it's top half into chunks of metal and tentacles.

But the Daleks knew how to beat him at his own game. They were spreading out, as two more joined their number, giving him more than one moving target. Gallanar blasted the one moving closest to him.

He then thought quickly, he dropped the gun and ran at double speed towards the Daleks. They didn't see him yet, but they would soon switch to infra red. He grapped the wreckage of the bottom half of the closest destroyed Dalek. The heat of its metal burnt his hands but he suppressed his screams of agony. He clenched his eyes and pulled it with all his might and pulled it. His hand would heal quickly, if he survived. With effort he pulled it.

Immediately the Daleks started firing at him, blowing further shards of metal from the casing spilling onto the floor like litter. He ducked down and whilst on his knees, kept moving back and pulling the casing back. It's gun was still attached to its broken casing and was facing him. With effort, he managed to pull the gun loose, now if only it was still working. To his right, a Dalek moved outside his cover. Quickly he shot it with his new gun, blowing its dome off. It was still working alright.

He couldn't stay here, this wouldn't hold together under the barrage of fire, and the Daleks would soon encircle him. The thought occured to him to leave the casing and fool the Daleks into thinking he was still behind it. But no, the Daleks were bound to have switched to infra red by now. He jumped up and fired blindly in a spraying volley. He got about ten shots off before ducking down again, and had hit three Daleks. Just two left, for now.

He decided to maintain his energies by turning visible again. He heard the forcefield switch off, but he didn't realise what it was. Then suddenly he was grabbed from behind. It was Siy. He had moved with lightening speed and had him pinned down.

Gallanar had kept hold of his Dalek gun like a determined boa constrictor. He tried to move his hand to aim the gun but he couldn't. The weight of Siy pressed him down, and he wrapped his slimy, rough hands around Gallanar's neck, choking him. Gallanar had to let go of the gun and tried to move his hands free without it. With a sudden pull of his muscle, he got his right hand free. He grabbed Siy's hand and tried to pull it free. He dug his nails in, deep enough to draw blood. But it wouldn't move. It was as if Siy's strength was magnified by his Dalek nature, his hatred. He could see it in his eyes. The beady pitch black eyes of a psychotic madman..... or a perfectly sane Dalek. Gallanar knew he was going to die.

"Siy... no" he choked his words out with his dying breath "I...could.... set... you... free."

With effort he bunched his knees together and kicked Siy in the chest, throwing him off. He'd kicked him hard enough to kill a normal human being, and to give Siy the peace he deserved, and yet he could see Siy rising to his feet. He was unkillable. Poor eternally cursed Siy Tarkov.

With Siy out of the line of fire, the Daleks fired. "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

He screamed in agony, and yet somehow he bore the blast, picked up the gun again and kept firing. He hit the Dalek on the left, then tried to aim the gun at Siy. The other Dalek fired again, hitting him. This time he screamed and fell dead.

Siy caught his breath and resumed normal respiration in impossible time. He observed his dead friend with a smirk. He then turned to look upon the Dalek Supreme on the far screen. "Why did you keep him alive?"

She replied with a hysterical roar that filled the room. "You will not question the Dalek Supreme! Your function is simply to obey."

His smile faded, and he bowed compliantly. "Understood. But I have something of vital importance to tell you."


"We must return to Veleyshaa. There is something of tremendous value there."

"How do you know of this?"

"It was in Siy's mind. He experienced the memories of Kalendorf. After the great catastrophe, Kalendorf visited a museum on Veleyshaa. It might still be there, buried underneath the ruins. It was there that Kalendorf met the Doctor. And it was a museum full of Dalek artefacts from the war. And most crucially of all..."


"The Emperor of the Daleks!"